The Last Sentence Review


Author    Tumelo Buthelezi

Title         The Last Sentence

Genre      Fiction

In his debut novel, Tumelo Buthelezi tells a story of the now forgotten scriptwriter Bandile Ndala, who is looking to make a comeback in the script writing/entertainment industry. Bandala’s quest to make a comeback, makes him do everything in his power to fulfill that dream. However, struggling to get his writing juices flowing, he turns to drinking a concoction made of human body parts courtesy of a bogus traditional healer called Thobejane.

The visit to Thobejane, results in Bandile’s life changing for the worst, as he is literally no longer in charge of his own mind and body. The spirit of Molly Shabalala, a young actress who was murdered and whose body parts were used for the concoction, now controls Bandile’s mind and body.

Seeking revenge from Bandile, for being part of a ‘secret supper’ that ended her acting dream, Molly tells Bandile that:‘When I died, my soul was sent back to this plane by Amadlozi to avenge the lives taken by cruel beasts preying on the innocent.’

Indeed, Molly’s plan to get her revenge sees Bandile’s quest to make his comeback take a different twist and he is given only a few days to write his final script, before he dies, after being held ‘hostage’ at the Cariba Inn Hotel by Molly.

Buthelezi’s style of writing is simple, the type that makes the story line easy to understand from the onset. While he tries not giving away much in the first few chapters, Buthelezi manages to build sub plots that connect nicely with the main plot. Readers are taken through Bandile’s failed marriage with Zoleka, his addiction to a street drug called Speedom and also his one sided ‘friendship’ with his business agent Kulani.

In an effort not to give away much myself, I can say that the story is one that many will appreciate and love, as it ends well for both Bandile and Molly. You probably trying to connect the dots as to how Molly (A Zombie) could be part of a happy ending? Well I urge you to buy the book to help fill in the blanks.

I give this book an 8/10 rating. The chapters are so short that one doesn’t get lost in the storyline. A definite must read, particularly in this ignorant day and age of Albino killings for traditional medicinal use.



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